Learn How You Can Grow Your Practice Exponentially From One Of The Largest, Most Successful Stem Cell Practices In The World
You Can Do This By Seeing Half The Patients, 
While Eliminating The Bureaucratic Headaches Of Insurance Companies,
And Getting Paid...faster!
Hi, we're JR Burgess and Dr. Joel Baumgartner with Healthovators.
Can you relate to having any of the above problems? 

I can assure you that you are not alone. We are in the business of changing lives for the better instead of just covering the problems up only to be rediscovered at another time.

Later on I want to give you our 5 Pillars of Running a Cash Practice successfully that I’m sure you will find intriguing. First, I want to settle the reservations in your heart concerning the business aspect of your practice.

If you’re like me then everyday that you show up to your practice is a reward in and of itself. But sometimes running the business aspect, if ran ineffectively, can be a burden and…
The Statistics For Stressed Doctors
And Health Professionals Each Year Are Alarming
Did you know that...
  • Doctors are 15 times more likely to burn out than professionals in any other line of work? This is JUST in the US alone.
  • 45% of primary care physicians would quit if they could afford it? YEARS of college achievements only to hate your job is no laughing matter!
  • Physicians have a 21% higher chance of divorce? It’s never rewarding to lose your family over the workload of your profession.
  • Each year, almost 400 doctors and physicians commit suicide? The stress negatively impacts their mental health with devastating results.
These are great people who answered the call of changing lives for the better that have succumbed to the pressures of the business...until disastrous results occurred. They wanted to make a great income, they wanted to practice medicine in a new way, and they wanted to revitalize the lives of their patients and clients.

However, sometimes the toll the business takes on the mind, body and soul is too great to overcome. The sad, yet interesting, reality is that all of these things can be avoided. You don’t need to become a statistic like the individuals taken by the results of an ineffectively managed medical practice.
The good news is…
There Is a Solution For Running A Massively Successful Integrated Cash Practice That Works Harder For You Than You Work For It 
It’s true. Imagine having the ability to change lives and earn the respect of your colleagues by utilizing the most innovative world class healthcare solutions imaginable all while reducing the number of patients you need to see in order to earn, not just the same, but a greater income.

In a moment I’m going to show you what we can do to lessen the burden of running a cash practice. For now though, I want to show you something that I believe will pique your interest.
We’ve uncovered an exciting new way for innovating medicine that is far more effective for:
  • Preventing and reversing chronic diseases in the body...
  • Eliminating pain using the body’s own healing abilities...we don’t just cover it up...
  • Living a healthy life using our signature health and nutrition regimen
  • ...and so much more.
Traditionally, physicians and medical professionals were not required to be leading influencers. As a matter of fact, they didn’t even have to fully understand patient attraction, sales conversions or how to manage a practice that is successful yet independent of the system.

As you probably know the insurance coverage of the patient made that a nightmare. Who’s going to pay for it? Will it get paid at all? And if so...when? No wonder the statistics on people in our profession are so scary. The fewer questions you have to answer in terms of compensation, the easier you’ll sleep at night. 

It’s simple mathematics. Likewise, the more innovative and modernized practices you can learn to perfect, the more your name and brand will be recognized as a leader and the more your services will be sought out. The interesting part about all of that is the health professionals and doctors who stand out because of their methodology of treatment, the more people are willing to pay YOU for what you have become known for as well as the successful transformations that you provide. 

Listen...I know what it’s like to struggle in the business aspect of the profession. Having to manage the patients, deliver world class outcomes in healthcare ideas, while minding the seemingly infinite migraines that arrive from dealing with insurance companies can give you a massive stress overload.

Does that makes sense to you? Here is the part I’ve been waiting to tell you. 

I have a solution that works. 
How would you like to...
Streamline Your Practice By Integrating Low-Cost Marketing Solution That Demands Results 
The bottom line is our methods work. We can say that with confidence given our proven track record of success at Rejuv Medical, our integrated medical center.

Not only that but this model has been replicated successfully over 70 times! We’ve repeated this same system with over 75 medical clinics in several countries around the it works. What is it? It is an affordable model of healthcare that’s built on a health system aimed towards reversing or better managing chronic pain and disease such as…
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • and many more…
All this can be done while simultaneously building your bottom line with CASH PAYING services and procedures. We created a patient centric system that provides world leading outcomes for people with little or NO hope...consistently.

Our system is predictable and do you know what it achieves? Peace of mind. When you KNOW  what your outcome will be for you and your patients, even down to answering those question about getting paid, stress is nearly obliterated. You won’t end up as a statistic, one of the dangerous and scary ones we’ve listed a little while ago.

With our next-level healthcare model, you will wake up everyday inspired, performing world class methods that will earn respect from all around the world, and go to sleep with a mind at ease.
Now I have to ask you a very important question.
Do You Know About Regenerative Medicine (like PRP or Stem Cells)?
A better question to ask you is: how would you like to learn about regenerative medicine from one of the world leaders in stem cell research and implementation?

Each year, we train hundreds of doctors and health professionals in advanced, cutting-edge regenerative medicine methods. We help the best and the brightest to achieve a lasting success.
All of this said...
I Want to Invite You to the Integrated Practice Success Summit To Show You How To Simplify Your Practice & Earn a Greater Income With Half the Workload
we have prepared intensely informative 
material for everything you’ll need to learn to replicate
our success including:
we have prepared intensely informative material for everything you’ll need to learn to replicate our success including:
  • Medical skills to change lives
  • How to integrate medical services to maximize patient outcomes 
  • Learning communication and coaching skills to foster compliance and adherence to long-term treatment plans that change patients’ lives.
  • Exact marketing tools and scripts we use in our practice
  • How to leverage your time
  • How to have your team perform at the highest level so you don't have to do it all
  • How to create multiple income streams
  • Finding patients who are seeking cash paying solutions to their challenges  
  • Uncovering the fastest path to earning a six and seven-figure income that you deserve.  
We have completed the work of investing millions to crack the code for replicating successful integrated cash practices.

We share with you our blueprint to benefit you and avoid the significant amount of time invested to create the strategic structure while avoiding many of the painful and costly mistakes we have encountered along the way.
Discover how to...
  • Position yourself as a recognized expert
  • Uncover the most rapid way to locate new patients
  • Implement marketing strategies to increase your revenue
  • Acquire the most innovative and cutting-edge medical skills and protocols in regenerative medicine, functional medicine and medical fitness
  • Obtain effective training for your staff to develop them into an unstoppable operational and effective sales force
You Didn’t Start Your Healthcare Practice to Work Yourself to Death
I mean, who would? You opened it to treat patients how they NEED to be treated, and become financially independent. It is your desire to have freedom from all aspects of life...and you deserve it.

If I understand you correctly, this is what drives you to keep pushing each and every day and you can do it. To get to this point of freedom be prepared to arm you and your team with measurable business practices, innovative world class systems, immensely effective marketing tools, and a structure that will allow you to separate from the become a leader.

You are destined to be that leader you’ve always desired.
Is NOT An Accident
Success is a practice built from a remarkable system that generates consistent results and we provide you with the keys to…
  • Understanding and setting correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow you to effectively manage your practice and team members remotely and without micromanagement
  • Launch your marketing funnels that will drive qualified leads and replicate our lead nurturing system that converts leads to patients
  • Learn to incentivize your team to drive production using proven strategies of converting patients without hard sales tactics
  • Empower your team to operate systems that provide consistent and predictable patient and business outcomes that you can easily replicate
  • Brand yourself as the leader others go to for proven outcomes and knowledge
  • Receive cutting-edge medical skills and protocols in regenerative medicine, functional medicine and medical fitness that will allow you to become a key component to the solution to Redefine Healthcare while providing you the income you deserve
  • Implement the systems to ensure your practice becomes HIGHLY PROFITABLE and has the ability to FLOURISH.
Dr Tyna Moore
"He reminded me why i was doing this"
Garrett Gunderson
“This is the definition of health...on a whole another level!”
Who Is 
The Integrative Practice Success Summit For?
If you’re a healthcare provider and you’re tired of working yourself to the bone IN your business and you want to start working ON your business, then this may be the event for you. At the Integrative Practice Success Summit you will learn and implement the most cutting edge, evidence based clinical practices.

Our event will also teach you the most advanced marketing and business strategies for your surgical, medical, chiropractic, naturopathic, health and fitness or physical therapy practice.
This event is most ideal for: 
  • Practice Owners and Hospital Administrators
  • MD’s and DO’s of any Specialty
  • Naturopathic Physicians, ND
  • Chiropractors, DC
  • Physical Therapists
  • Licensed Acupuncturists, L.Ac. 
  • Doctors of Oriental Medicine, OMD
  • Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, RN, RNP
  • Physicians Assistants
  • Pharmacists, PharmD
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians, R.D., CN, FNLP
  • Fitness & Wellness Studio Owners
  • Dentists and Oral Surgeons
  • High Level Health Coaches
... and any other Health Professional seeking to uplevel their impact, skills and income.
Here’s How It Works
At the Integrative Practice Success Summit you will spend 3 days with us learning hands-on training and implementation for you and your team.

After years of looking at both unsuccessful and successful practices, we discovered that if any of The 5 Pillars of Practice Success are missing or not being maximized there’s massive opportunity for improving performance. Whether that’s greater profitability, freedom from having to do it all, making money without you being present, and even being able to sell your practice when you’re ready. A model that gives you freedom of choice while making a difference.

You can't do it alone. If you don’t want to have a large team like ours, that is perfect. This Summit is about creating the vision for your ideal practice and implementing the systems in each of the pillars that make the difference.

We will show you your gaps based on our 5 Pillars Assessment Quiz and tell you exactly who to outsource tasks to, or put you or your staff in the right breakouts that will quickly help you know the exact next steps to take your practice to the next level.

No guesswork here. We will place you and your team in one or all of the following Breakouts so you can go back and implement the systems, tools and knowledge that will change the way you think and perform. 

Marketing, Sales & Business
Functional Medicine, Weight Loss & Fitness
Regenerative Medicine & Skill Labs
Each breakout and talk is labeled accordingly to The 5 Pillars of Practice Success so you know in advance what the objective and outcome you will obtain through each session will be.
Main Stage Sessions:
Here are just some of the sessions you'll experience:
  • Becoming Superman:
    How to Use Your Story to Become Part of the Solution to Redefine Healthcare
  • Healthcare Redefined:
    The Physicians Comprehensive Treatment Blueprint for World-Class Patient Outcomes without Drugs or Surgery
  • Building Your Ideal Cash Practice:
    The 5 Keys to Cash Practice Success
  • Maximizing Productivity:
    Optimizing Your Schedule, EHR and Care Teams for Integrated Practice Success
  • Cash Flow Optimization:
    How to Take Home More Income & Pay Less Taxes
  • High Leverage Marketing Opportunities:
    Automate Your Practice for Freedom, Consistent, Predictable Results 
  • The 4 Impact Elements:
    To Maximum Income, Impact & Freedom 
  • 5 Commitments
    Per Week to Adding 7-figures to Your Practice 
  • The 6 Elements of Health:
    How to Integrate Lifestyle Medicine into Your Practice 
If You Are a Physician, Choose From the Following Regenerative Breakout Sessions:
Regenerative Orthopedics & 
Cadaver Lab Breakout
  • Dr. Baumgartner, Dr. Vilen, and our highly trained physician experts are going to meet you where you are at. This training is for you or a team member even if you are new to regenerative orthopedics learning how to do an exam, your first intra articular injection, or an advanced physician honing your precision image guided injection skills. We have checklists to help identify which group would be best to place you in based on your current skill set to maximize your time in the skills lab. Each group will be receiving customized lectures training, hands-on cadaver injection training, peer-to-peer injections, patient demonstrations of the lower extremity, books and digital courses for continued skill growth. You will also learn how to optimize your outcomes, pre and post procedure protocols, and decision making for proceeding with procedures. This will not only help increase your cash flow but also attain the superior patient outcomes we have been able to get at Rejuv. We will also teach you specifics of billing and coding and how to. 
Business And Marketing Breakouts
  • Spark Your Brand:
    The Hidden Power To Building Trust and Influence While Charging What Your Worth
  • Hidden Revenue That Heals:
    Selling Supplements to Maximize Profits and Patient Outcomes
  • Marketing & Sales Automation:
    Using Less Effort to Convert More Prospects into Patients
  • Health Coaching:
    Using Health Coaching as the Key Ingredient to Changing Patients Lives and Redefining Healthcare 
  • Maximizing The Cash Flow Cycle:
    Today’s Cash/Insurance Integrated Models 
  • Practice Vision and Mapping:
    Establishing Your Integrated Practice Vision & Mapping Your Primary Cash Funnel 
  • Reverse Engineering the Roadmap:
    Your Personalized 1 Year Action Plan 
Our Proven System, the Five Pillars of Success which Feature:
Pillar 1:
Tools and resources to obtain your ultimate wealth, health, relational, and impact goals. Find your personal unique skills that you must spend the majority of time doing. Learn tips and strategies to be an effective leader, communicator, delegator and creator of all your goals. The Personal Pillar is also about your story, unique process for patient outcomes, and crafting the right message, mission and core values to give your practice the quantum leap to the next level.
Pillar 2:
Business and Operations
Organized effective systems that drive your team’s development, accountability and success. The simpler systems and core processes that are created and followed by all the less confusion, chaos and communication gaps your practice will encounter. Structure is necessary for scalability, consistency, financial and time freedom. Accountability and team members are a critical component to a lean, streamlined and effective approach which directly impacts patient care.
Pillar 3:
Sales and Marketing
Essential for growth and long-term success. Lectures will focus on creating comprehensive treatment plans with maximum compliance to obtain progressive patient outcomes, selling without selling and infographics of your system that easily communicates your experience to patients. 

In today’s marketing world one also must be sophisticated with digital marketing and automation.
Pillar 4:
Medical Fitness
The Medical Fitness Impact Plan was designed to create health, add a competitive differentiator that separates you from competitors, increase revenue and referrals. Our weight loss and fitness programs have been our most significant reason for growth. Whether a brick and mortar or online component, there are several solutions that can improve your brand, marketing and patient outcomes. We will dive deep into all the opportunities for growth in the new field that is primed for explosion.
Pillar 5:
Creating a successful practice that uses comprehensive and ancillary opportunities will maximize patient outcomes and practice success. It is beneficial to have several offerings although having them harmoniously communicate together without dialed in systems and procedures will be very difficult to make happen. Too many integrated practices operate in silos, when the need to integrate them to provide the best patient outcomes is essential. When you attend the Integrative Practice Success Summit, you’ll receive a comprehensive review of Rejuv Medical including the services, offerings and systems to create a dynamic and impactful model of health. 
Dr. Baumgartner's Regenerative Medicine Training Program
VALUE: $978
Each group that registers for this event before the early bird special ends will receive Dr. Baumgartner's Book and DVD series, Regenerative Injections, The Art of Healing: Injection Manual 7th Edition. If purchased alone these two resources are valued at $978. That's nearly the price of admission for you and a team member alone. This book is the standard in the field of regenerative medicine and has been referenced in all major regenerative associations.
The 5 Pillars of Practice Success Assessment Quiz, Ideal Practice Vision Planning Guide & Integrative Practice Success Summit Pre-Summit Training Webinar
VALUE: $300
Precise vision is the ability to see what is invisible to others. This quiz will give you a diagnostic summary to determine your paramount opportunities for progression and scalability, and where the greatest gap is that is preventing you from having the immediate success you crave. Once we pair this with your Ideal Dream Practice Vision Planning Guide, you will have the proper platform to begin strategic planning. 

Next, JR Burgess will be delivering Cash Practice Success Pre-Summit Training Webinar with live Q&A afterwards, preparing you to obtain the most out of the Integrative Practice Success Summit. This will help you identify common business language, possibilities of growth and opportunity in each of the 5 Pillars, and precisely what Breakout Sessions based off your Practice Success Assessment Quiz and Vision Guide you and your team need to participate in.
Your Customized Reverse Engineer The Roadmap & 90 Day Strategic Action Plan Training
VALUE: $900
Proper strategic planning and execution is the key to becoming an Effective CEO, CFO and COO of your practice. Strategic implementation is the single most important competitive advantage you can provide yourself. Our structured Reverse Engineer The Roadmap Training is designed to begin documenting or up-leveling your formalized vision and roadmap for achieving your ideal dream practice.

It’s one thing to attend a conference and come away with pages of to-do lists that never get done. However, in this 3-hour session led by JR Burgess, you will obtain a 90 Day Strategic Action Plan that will lend you immediate relief to fill several of your main gaps, and guide you on an accelerated path to acquiring new cash paying patients. 

You will secure personalized coaching on your immediate strategic moves with step by step instructions so you have no presumption on what to do next. Be certain these will be the most strategic next steps you and your team can take in the next 90 days to dramatically increase your personal income, efficiency and time away from your office while creating the systems for perpetual growth utilizing your team’s newly found expertise in this area.
  • Insurance reimbursements are declining, you must combat insurance companies to pay for the services you already provided, and you bear the cost of denials by not following hundreds of unnecessary rules and regulations that don’t improve quality of care
  • Workloads are increasing and your time with the patient continues to be compromised. It’s likely you spend more time in your electronic health records than connecting, coaching and treating your patients
  • The current healthcare model is broken and large hospitals are buying up independent clinics and restricting their ability to grow
  • Consumers are seeking a better solution, with doctors that provide attention, service, options and leading outcomes
  • You're a committed doctor but learning how to run a successful practice may be coming at a significant cost, such as your income, your health and your relationships
Physician dissatisfaction and burnout is at an all-time high.
You were taught HEALTHCARE, not BUSINESS! Especially not today’s business. Did you know that you may be the bottleneck in your practice? Are you trying to do it all or do not have the team you can count on to get it done?

We can give you the advantage and skills whether it’s lack of structure, accountability, the right expectations, system or support that will even allow you and your team to grow and have substantial impact and success.

You are in the right place!
Join Us And Allow Our Experienced Team Of Trainers And Mentors Propel You Forward. 
This Is Where You Learn To Grow The Practice Of Your Dreams.

You Either Worked In A Clinic Or At A Hospital Coming Out Of Residency To Try And Pay Back Your Student Loans. You Quickly Found Out That Large Healthcare Facilities Were Not Allowing You To Practice Your Trades The Way You Wanted To Use Them. You Were Seeing A Vast Number Of Patients, Working Long Hours, and going home to find your charts at night.

Now you have gone on your own but are quickly learning that all those years In medical school, all the long training hours, you were never taught how the business side works.

So, you are back to the same situation…

You Are Working Long Hours, Seeing As Many Patients As You Can, And At The Same Time Trying To Learn Marketing, Sales, And Business Practices That Help You Have The Success You Desire.
You Have Traded
One Madness For Another.
The Time To Gain Control Is Now!
Are you ready to implement the latest technology and 
cutting-edge tips to save time and money?

Is it time to build your brand, revenue, patient base and your impact on the world around you?
Get discovered by new patients and partners, become massively successful, and reclaim your TIME.
Let’s face it, practices are starting and closing each day. So many talented providers are breaking away from the current healthcare model to help their patients and gain freedom. Most fail. It is not because they are not good providers, it is because they did not have the right tools and resources. 
Join us in the mission to redefine healthcare
Listen to What 
Others Have Said About 
The Integrative Practice Success Summit:
Linda Rank
“You are surrounded by a group of like minded people and everybody is helping each other out.“
Rudy Gehrman
“I think my team all have carpel tunnel syndrome from all of the writing that they have been doing at the Summit.”
Ozzy Larita
“I just felt this gut instinct that I’m in the right place.”
David Hopp
“We save a lot of time and of course time is money”
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?
This summit is for the health care clinician who wants to take their practice to the next level by learning Business, Marketing and Clinical skills that they can implement immediately. 

Regenerative procedures are in high demand and learning to integrate and market them into your current model can make a profound difference in your patient outcomes and business bottom line. Other integration strategies will be shared that has helped Rejuv Medical become the top regenerative and integrated practice in the nation. 
When and where is the Summit?
September 20-22, 2019
Rejuv Medical
901 3rd St N, Waite Park, MN 56387
Can I bring a guest with me as part of my ticket? 
Yes, but they will have access to the general sessions only. 
The regen training is 1 person per ticket.
Will there be internet at the Summit?
Will meals be provided?
Yes! Enjoy amazing cuisine planned around our Rejuv4LifeStyle program so you can experience how tasty healthy can be.
What is the weather like and what should I wear? 
It is a beautiful time to visit Minnesota and enjoy the fall colors we are famous for. A light coat may be needed in the evenings. 

Also, bring your workout clothes to work out in our world-class, integrated, medical fitness facility.
Join us at the
September 20-22nd, 2019
St Cloud, MN
and we will present the cutting-edge strategy and resources you need to join us in the mission to redefine healthcare
Dr. Baumgartner's
Regenerative Injection Manual and DVD Set
Reverse Engineering Seminar
On September 22, 2019
Reserve My Tickets
at the Integrative Practice Success Summit 
September 20-22, 2019 at St Cloud, MN
Only $500 $249
Early Bird Special Offer
  •  Ideal for office managers & admin staff
  •  Access to strategic business education essential for operating a practice
  •  Complete access to ALL Seminar Bonuses
Regenerative Training Sessions 
Only $1,500 $749
Early Bird Special Offer
  •  Full access to regenerative training sessions on Day 2 & 3
  •  Access to strategic business education essential for operating a practice
  •  2-for-1 ticket price (general admission ticket included)
  •  Complete access to ALL Seminar Bonuses
Here are just a few industry expert Keynote Speaker Joining Us:
Dr. Joel Baumgartner
Dr. Joel Baumgartner is a board-certified physician with a specialized fellowship in non-surgical orthopedics and sports medicine. He earned his medical degree from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, and completed his family practice residency at the University of North Dakota. Dr. Baumgartner completed his advanced training in sports medicine with a fellowship in primary care sports medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center. Dr. Baumgartner utilizes the latest in diagnostic and treatment technology to better treat musculoskeletal injury and pain.
As an international speaker, he instructs both physicians and those in the medical industry on pain evaluation, diagnosis and the latest treatment options. Dr. Baumgartner has authored two books on Prolotherapy and PRP technique, He is also a contributing author on the subject of pain management for a variety of other popular publications. His family and faith remain his priority.
JR Burgess, CEO
JR Burgess is the CEO of MedFit, also a two-time #1 best-selling author. JR is a husband, father, coach and an international speaker. JR Burgess and Dr. Joel Baumgartner partnered to innovate a healthcare model that prevents, reverses or better manages chronic pain and disease. Together, their regenerative healthcare model includes non-surgical orthopedics, functional, primary care and medical fitness.

Medical Fitness has proven to be the difference in their healthcare model and the main driver of successful clinical outcomes. JR and Dr. Baumgartner believe that healthcare without exercise and solid nutrition as the foundation, is not healthcare.  
They have played an integral role in replicating the proven model in 75 clinics worldwide. Each clinic aims at redefining healthcare, empowering medical leaders and patients to co-create health and impact the world.
Dr. Janna Vilen
Maximizing Provider Productivity
Dr. Janna Vilen is a board-certified physician in family practice and sports medicine. She has done intensive training in image guided procedures, regenerative medicine, and pain management.

Dr. Vilen works at the Rejuv Medical Waite Park, MN location as one of the regenerative medicine physicians. With Rejuv Medical’s comprehensive and integrative model she has been working to improve patient care coordination and clinic efficiency. She also has a special interest in medical weight loss and is helping to continually improve the program.
Garrett Ewers, CPT
Garrett’s past experiences have brought him where he is today in Rejuv Medical and MedFit. Over the last 18 years of his professional life he has been coaching, managing, and consulting in many different industries. 

Garrett’s diverse background has led him from training high level, Olympic-caliber athletes, to managing north American transportation regions, and consulting with over 70 different companies. Garrett’s unique ability has been able to go into a system, learn how it works, and optimize its potential.
Over the past three years Garrett’s focus has been leading Rejuv Medical and MedFit in the marketing arena, focuses including social media, email, and automation of the sales and retention process. He will present on these topics on how important it is to maximize your efforts so that you can minimize your time. From first attracting customers to your brand, to getting them to convert into paying and continuing their journey with you, Garrett will be giving you the necessary tools to dominate your sales, marketing and operations. 
Valerie Carlson,NP
Valerie Carlson is a Nurse Practitioner who practices functional medicine and serves central Minnesota patients and patients from the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota as well as states across the country. She is a certified family nurse practitioner and has focused care on finding the root causes of disease that cause inflammation, hormone, vitamin and gut imbalances.

Valerie is a member of Institute of Functional Medicine, and has participated in A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), AFMA (American Functional Medicine Association), ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and Obesity Medicine conferences. 
She has presented seminars at Regenerative Business Summit conferences and at other health organizations and in the community, promoting and educating health care professionals and lay people about functional medicine and how it can improve health.
Valerie will share tips to engage your patient in their health care plan for increased patient satisfaction and a source of ongoing revenue for your practice. 
Valerie Carlson is a Nurse Practitioner who practices functional medicine and serves central Minnesota patients and patients from the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota as well as states across the country. She is a certified family nurse practitioner and has focused care on finding the root causes of disease that cause inflammation, hormone, vitamin and gut imbalances.

Valerie is a member of Institute of Functional Medicine, and has participated in A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), AFMA (American Functional Medicine Association), ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and Obesity Medicine conferences. 
Kim Wuertz, RHIT, CPC
Kim has been a team member Rejuv Medical since opening in 2009 as the 3rd party biller. In April 2011, she was brought on as a full time dedicated employee of Rejuv Medical. She is a graduate or Rasmussen College with earning the Rasmussen Award for dedication and academic excellence. She is a RHIT, Registered Health Information Technician along with a CPC, Certified Professional Coder.
She is eager to share her hybrid and cash pay services process, so you can maximize your earnings in the least amount of time.  

Latisha Taylor
Increase Profitability Through Measured Health and Supplementation
Phil Kaplin
Insight for the Physician: The Value of “Rescue”
As medicine has evolved, science offers new revelations, and from our ability to “treat” the microbiome to the advances in regenerative medicine, it’s clear our power to heal is much enhanced. Almost running counter to the advances in healing, the “opportunity” to effectively marry healing and prosperity is becoming more elusive. It’s time for a repositioning.

In a cash-based practice, the key variable that separates achievers from others is the perception among the marketplace of what constitutes “a fair value exchange.”
While there is value in diagnosis, pharmaceutical intervention, and alleviation of symptoms, nothing comes close to the value of perceived empowerment. If you, as a medical practitioner, can restore an individual to what we might call his or her divine potential, the value is extreme. This session will explore this perspective as well as offer powerful insights for emotional persuasion, eliciting compliance, and building a prosperous practice built upon a foundation of empowerment. 

- How to bypass ingrained “value” and “money” beliefs and help patients reframe why “what you deliver” is worth it.

- How to master influence by recognizing the overlapping progression of the psychological and physical components of the “disease continuum”

- How to incorporate patient responsibility with certainty

- What we can ascertain in an initial consultation that allows us to “forever” tap into the patient’s unique motivation strategy

- Why the integration of structured exercise programming and medical support is “the Blue Ocean” offering the greatest financial opportunity in business today

- Why throwing a figurative “life preserver” is far more valuable than any element of the “doctor will cure you” paradigm
Kristen Sibayan
Kristen Sibayan understands marketing, design and business with a consistent focus on how her perspective, talent, expertise and experience helps people make money. Essentially, consistent great design, branding and creativity with the right marketing message builds trust, which creates revenue. Having worked with some of the biggest gurus on the planet, she has been described as ‘genius’, a ‘secret weapon’ and she and her teams have helped generate over $80M in sales for their clients in the last decade.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.
I’m not satisfied unless you are more than satisfied so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m so confident that you’ll be pleased with your purchase that I’m offering you my no questions asked, you don’t need to invent an excuse to get your money back guaranteed. Listen, I can make this offer because I KNOW you won’t take me up on it since you’ll be 100% satisfied. But should you NOT be my word is golden and we wish you the best.
Join us at the
September 20-22nd, 2019
St Cloud, MN
and we will present the cutting-edge strategy and resources you need to join us in the mission to redefine healthcare
Dr. Baumgartner's
Regenerative Injection Manual and DVD Set
Reverse Engineering Seminar
On September 22, 2019
Reserve My Tickets
at the Integrative Practice Success Summit 
September 20-22, 2019 at St Cloud, MN
Only $500 $249
Early Bird Special Offer
  •  Ideal for office managers & admin staff
  •  Access to strategic business education essential for operating a practice
  •  Complete access to ALL Seminar Bonuses
Regenerative Training 
Only $1,500 $749
Early Bird Special Offer
  •  Full access to regenerative training sessions on Day 2 & 3
  •  Access to strategic business education essential for operating a practice
  •  2-for-1 ticket price (general admission ticket included)
  •  Complete access to ALL Seminar Bonuses
If you have questions and would like to speak to someone regarding the Integrative Practice Success Summit, please feel to reach out via phone:320-281-1454 or email at:
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