Supporting Physicians in Building a Proven New Model of Healthcare that is Outcome-Driven, Affordable, Sustainable, Profitable and Desperately Needed to Help Patients Restore and Regenerate Health
Sound too good to be true? The vision is real. 
You really CAN see half the patients while earning more income, without dealing with insurance, bureaucracy or red tape, in a business model that enables getting paid faster and empowers practicing life-changing medicine vs. simply covering up problems.
How do we know? We’ve proven the business model both in our own business and then for more than 71 of our physician client practices around the world. They are now enjoying new levels of income, impact and freedom through this unique approach that is completely redefining healthcare.
“We collaborate with visionary physicians, practice owners and medical professionals who are seeking to go beyond the current healthcare system and build or supplement their practices with a cash-pay business model. This approach enables them to practice life-changing medicine so their patients have more energy, vitality and better quality of life – and physicians have more personal fulfillment, time freedom, greater profitability and simply live happier.”
Joel Baumgartner, M.D. 
Founder of Rejuv Medical and HealthOvators and Leader in Regenerative Healthcare

We guide frustrated physicians, practice owners, medical and wellness professionals who are seeking to treat and attract patients for cash pay services - such as Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Weight Loss, Fitness and Wellness - to have massive business success so they can practice medicine that actually helps people break free from a broken system that has left them with little hope for a healthy and happy life.
What Would It Be Like to See Half the Patients, Earn More Income, Not Deal with Insurance, Bureaucracy, Get Paid Faster and Practice Medicine That Changes Lives Versus Covers Up Problems?
It's Possible and We Have a Proven System Specifically Designed to Grow Your Ideal Integrated Health Practice!
We created a solution for physicians, practice owners and wellness leaders that is redefining healthcare. After creating a leading-edge 28,000 sq. ft. Integrated Health Center that was providing life-changing outcomes and growing at an unprecedented pace, we realized it is our purpose to have a massive impact by sharing our model with the world.
"After seeing his model in action, I immediately knew that I wanted to use it!"

~ John Odom M.D.,
Odom Health & Wellness, Minnetonka, MN

Our “5 Pillars of Practice Success” curriculum and MasterMind Coaching Program has now been implemented in more than 71 practices worldwide.

Our mission is to restore and regenerate health – both patient health and provider business health – by building an outcome-driven, affordable, sustainable, profitable and desperately needed model of healthcare. 
Meet Joel Baumgartner, M.D.  Founder of Rejuv Medical and HealthOvators and
A Leader in Regenerative Healthcare...
The Story Behind HealthOvators and the Practice Success MasterMind Program
Each of us have a calling in life. We have an inner drive that propels us to do…to be…to become. I have always been the type of person that wanted to help others. Like many, I began my career working for a large healthcare system. I was seeing as many patients as they could pack on my schedule in a day in 5-10-minute increments while making a quick diagnosis and getting onto the next patient.

I felt that the quality of outcomes of my services were not optimal. I was prescribing medications to get patients through the pain and didn’t have an opportunity to fully treat them in a complete manner to really create health and real change in their lives.

My passion to build my practice, Rejuv Medical, came from the frustration of this broken conventional healthcare system.

Ten years ago, the large traditional healthcare system I was working for changed and I either had to follow them to a new city, find a new job or start my own practice. I was unhappy and frustrated with 5-minute patient appointments and relying on prescriptions to mask symptoms in trying to keep up production.

I had this unrest inside. I wanted more than just getting my patients joints and backs healed. I needed to restore vitality in my patients. I have always believed we need to stop covering up the symptoms and start to treat the causes associated with each diagnosis.

I needed a system to get my patients healthy. I needed to restore health in my patients through movement, mindful eating and positive lifestyle changes so we could have even better outcomes while regenerating the body. I needed to create a healthcare model that would be the solution to the healthcare crisis. My goal was to combine the science of medicine with the physiology and endocrinology of the body to develop a healthcare model that creates permanent change and regeneration in my patients.

So, I started my practice with my nurse, my receptionist and me working in 1,000 square feet. I used every bit of savings to launch and, after just three months, I was down to a few hundred dollars in my personal bank account. I was looking at getting a loan or losing my house. At last, an insurance payment came through, so my employees had paychecks - and my vision was revitalized.

As a non-surgical and sports medicine specialist I was performing procedures like Prolotherapy and PRP. I was the only doctor versed in offering these regenerative options to ‘my’ patients in Minnesota. My nurse was very versed in hormone replacement and balancing the endocrine system, so together we started to evaluate hormones, adrenals, GI health and micronutrient imbalances. It felt like the rest of the medical community wasn’t ready for the wave of the future, but we stood firm in what research was showing us – that we can regenerate degenerating painful joints and debilitating chronic disease.

My passion to do things the right way, along the feedback I was getting from my patients, was all the fuel I needed to keep pushing forward. However, knowing the degenerating effects that poor diet, extra weight and no exercise has on the body, I needed to more to help my patients achieve maximal health.

Prescribing one medication after another does not fix anything. It was time to abandon the Band-Aids and restore health. The patient with bad knees was helpless until he lost the 50 pounds that was causing the arthritic joints. The diabetic patient would still have complications and be dependent on medication if she didn’t lose weight and make positive lifestyle changes to reverse the disease that was slowly killing her. I could tell my patients how important it is to get the weight off, but they would return to my clinic without any change in their overall health status, struggling to lose the weight and uneducated in nutrition.

Fortunately, I found JR Burgess on my exam table for an old rugby injury. He spoke of his passion to help individuals lose weight, who would otherwise struggle on their own. Long story short, JR understood my vision, mission, became my fourth employee and, ultimately, my current business partner. 

We Have Successfully Created the Practice of My Dreams.
Now We're Changing Healthcare Around the World with Our Business Model.
In ten years, we have grown and expanded our offerings, and are building momentum for a viable and long-lasting entity that will help society rebound from the current healthcare crisis. We have gone from a 4-person team to 89 team members, each with talent, passion and shared mission to change people’s lives for the good.

As for my vision, the standard medical model of medications to treat symptoms and not impacting health and longevity, is a thing of the past. What we do with nerves, PRP, STEM cell injections, hormones, and exercise and weight loss is all backed by sound scientific research and amazing patient success.
The best part is that we’ve developed a proven, documented system that YOU can implement in your own practice, so you can make a bigger impact, change more lives with more fulfillment, and have the success and time freedom you want.
With Much Respect,
Joel Baumgartner, M.D.

Next-Level Healthcare Requires A Next-Level Business Model 
Our Goal is To Help You Build A 7-Figure Cash Practice
with the “5 Pillars of Practice Success”
As CEO of Rejuv Medical, HealthOvators and the Practice Success MasterMind Group, I can tell you it wasn't easy to build a successful integrated cash practice. It took us years to figure out how to create a reproducible system through expensive and painful, trial and error. But, we did it, and now we want to help you do the same. We want to save you the challenges we experienced so you can both help more people sooner and see your practice grow in a way that gives you more freedom.

I believe this is where the future of medicine needs to go. I would urge anyone considering a change such as this to take a leap of faith for greater impact, income and freedom by redefining healthcare with our proprietary system. 

JR Burgess, 
CEO, Rejuv Medical, HealthOvators and the Practice Success MasterMind Group
JR Burgess shares…
From my early childhood, I felt compelled to help people who were in emotional pain. My calling has progressed from a Certified Personal Trainer helping people change their lives through fitness and nutrition to coaching medical practice visionaries and leaders to be the most informed, influential coaches and entrepreneurs they can be. I believe doctors and practitioners are the key to changing healthcare if they have a way to get past their frustration with the current healthcare system and the fact that it will not change soon enough.
Please read this page carefully if you are health professional suffering from being forced to see hundreds of patients a week with medicine that is not helping your patients and, in certain cases, making matters worse.
If you’re spending more time charting than listening and consulting your patients to make positive life changes, only to continue to see your reimbursements continue to be cut, you know that healthcare has lost perspective. The pressure to do more and see more is leading to physician burn-out and dissatisfaction is at an all-time high. It is difficult to help people nowadays within a system that appears stacked against you.
Several times each year, I speak and network at medical conferences that allow me to partner with doctors and medical professionals regarding the healthcare crisis. Our conversations typically begin with them not recognizing the immediate answer to solving what we face today. With my research, resources and proven success platform, I can reach most with the message of how our model is the way to reach our patients.
When you chose to attend medical school, I believe that you had a burning desire to change lives. It is professionals like you who are the key to changing healthcare, but so many of you are frustrated with the current system and feel like it's hopeless because "the system" is set up for big government, big pharma, big insurance payors and - always - profits before people. You may perceive the system is not going to change any time soon and your only solutions are to keep seeing more patients, go out on your own or leave the industry all together.
In fact, one of our clients, Dr. John Tait, was ready to leave his safe pain practice career for the fitness industry before we met years ago at a fitness business conference. He could no longer justify practices that, in some cases, harming his patients for a check. Thankfully, as a result of our program, today he has a full, nearly 100% cash practice that is transforming hundreds of lives.
So the good news in all this is that there is a profitable model for you to adopt now. We have created a predictable, consistent and repeatable system which is necessary for upgrading our healthcare system and supporting the wellness of future generations.
We offer you a simple model that is restoring health in our patients’ lives by using the body's ability to heal itself and eliminate pain. This model provides you the income and freedom to reverse and better manage chronic disease including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, pain and body degeneration while optimizing your patient’s health resulting in more zest and vitality.

We are excited to share a unique approach to completely change the face of healthcare - we hope you’ll join us.
The Infrastructure That Helps YOU Innovate Business Health and Wealth... the 5 Pillars of Practice Success
We are on a mission to redefine healthcare. We have invested millions over nearly a decade into designing, implementing and refining this model and want to succeed with you - the visionary and independent thinker who wants to create a medical practice and wellness business focused on delivering remarkable outcomes. Now is the time to build a practice dedicated to changing the lives of the patients and the community you serve.
The 5 Pillars of Success Platform Is Individually Designed for You and Your Team To 10X Your Action, 10X Your Thinking, 10x Your Marketing, 10x Your Patient Outcomes and 10X Your Income.
We created a game plan where our team could work with a select group of medical professionals over a 12-month period, giving you the individualized game plan based off your time, resources and unique strengths and weaknesses. 
After creating your vision and step-by-step action roadmap, we provide you the marketing, sales, operations and business systems that you need to take your business to the next level – PLUS the motivation, mindset, accountability, resources, community and support to help you put everything into action so that you can start seeing more cash-paying patients instantaneously!
The goal with this program is to teach you how to scale your practice profitably by providing you the resources, wisdom, training and action steps you need through our 5 Pillars of Practice Success Curriculum.

We start with the end in mind – your vision, along with the strategic systems, structure and exact steps based on your unique capabilities and strengths to reach it, engage rapid momentum.
This the time to create the specific goals and success milestones for a practice that fills you at your core and allows you to do what you do best while having the freedom to practice how and when you want. Having a clear destination and knowing the exact steps to get there in the shortest possible time is essential; we strategize on your most rapid path to success.
In this Pillar, you’ll learn, see and create:
  •   Your Customized Integrated Practice Success Blueprint,  Vision and Action Plan with your best next move so there is no guesswork on what takes priority. You will never have to think about what the next step is; rather, only implement the next action step in the plan for accelerated success.
  •  Structuring and communicating your vision, core values and strategic plan so you can develop a high-performing team within a culture comprised of strong communication, accountability and execution.
  •  Personality and action-taking behavior testing so you can recruit, hire, develop and retain the right team based on your core values, unique ability, strengths and weaknesses. This means you have the right people in the places to build a championship team for maximum practice success.
  •  Personal Mindset Breakthrough Trainings to overcome any fears about how to have difficult conversations, offering cash services or charging higher fees so you can talk about the money effortlessly.
  •  Implementation Labs designed to eliminate your insecurities and instill unwavering confidence in yourself and your leadership and coaching.
  •  Time-saving and productivity hacks to maximize focus, energy and implementation so you can get more done in less time, allowing you to have the work life balance you deserve.
Organized systems, core process, and accurate data are vital to running a successful practice. Can your practice maintain productivity without a key team member?
To scale and grow a practice that frees you up to do what you best, you will need repeatable processes that allow each team member to operate at maximum efficiency. The right team members, in the right roles, is essential for you to have personal freedom to practice how and when you want.
In this Pillar, you’ll learn, see and create:
  •  How to implement our Personnel Playbook designed to help you hire, develop, incentivize, retain and grow a championship team so you can scale to make more profits without relying only on your time in the room.
  •  Model our Entrepreneurial Scorecard and Key Performance Indicator Metrics Dashboard to measure immediately how your practice is performing. This will allow you to take all the emotion out of running your practice, so you can make objective decisions as well as measure and manage individual performance. The format allows for all team members to maintain focus on the important metrics, processes and action plans that ensure success.
  •  Armed with our structured meetings format that eliminates micro-managing and difficult conversations while maximizing communication, accountability and execution of business goals and targets.
  •  Turn-key core processes, job descriptions, policy and procedure manuals, billing, coding and cash pay pricing guides, so you don’t have to create anything or spend your time reinventing the wheel. When your team is following our systemized and proven processes, you can focus your time on communicating your message, creating relationships, and seeing patients.
Powerful Marketing and Sales systems are critical in helping you create the most impact! We will show you how to out-market and out-position your competitors and double (or even triple) your cash income in the next 12 months by building your brand and packaging your unique offer to match what your prospective patients are seeking.
After building your brand message and offer, we help systematize your marketing, so you never have to stress about where you’re going to get your next lead or patient from. If you are like most medical professionals, you hate the idea of selling. We have our Selling Without Selling System that is loaded with education content and messages that nurture and attract cash-paying patients who are seeking minimally invasive alternatives to drugs and surgery.
In this Pillar, you’ll learn, see and create:
  •  Create a customized Practice Success Marketing Blueprint, Brand Guide and Marketing Calendar with metrics-tracking worksheets so that you know how all your marketing and sales efforts are performing.
  •  Rebrand and implement our done-for-you marketing campaigns that have allowed us to see more than 10,000 cash-paying patients in the last ten years, so you can practice the medicine that will have the greatest benefit to your patients.
  •  How to use our Selling Without Selling System so you never have to talk about money with your patients and, yet, have the ability to enroll them into your long-term treatment plans that will change their lives.
  •  Our training, resource guides and connections will give your team the training to fully execute the four main marketing funnels. Also, you will receive guidance to externally hire, implement and consistently execute your Marketing Blueprint and Calendar so you are not in doubt of what you need to do or who you can use to attract and convert patients.
  •  How to use patient testimonial systems that allow your best patrons to become self-generating referral activists who can no longer allow you to be the best-kept secret in your area.
  •  How to create a deeper impact with the right prospects instead of diluting your message by trying to speak to everyone so you can invest more money in fewer places and see faster results (vs. spreading a little around all over the place and seeing minimal results).
It's our belief that healthcare absent of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modification as the first-line treatment is not healthcare rather sick-care. Our medical fitness program has allowed us to provide leading patient outcomes while being our main differentiator in growing our integrated cash practice.
In this Pillar, you’ll learn, see and create:
  •  How to successfully launch an online or offline ancillary revenue source that has the most attainable marketing entry point.
  •  Have a team that is on fire to show up to work each day motivated and ambitious to work in a healthcare facility that is changing lives daily.
  •  Create a practice that is a solution to fixing the chronic disease and pain management crisis so you can feel great about practicing medicine that is truly changing lives.
  •  Done-for-you educational PowerPoint presentations, videos and health and nutrition resources, such as our cookbooks and meal plans, for you to rebrand so you provide your patients with the life-changing tools they need.
  •  By having a proven and marketable weight loss program, you can consistently attract new and highly motivated patients within the practice.
  •  Stay a step ahead of the competition by being the first in your area in the medical fitness market. Differentiation is essential in a competitive marketplace.
As a medical professional or wellness practice owner, if your business model is seeing patients 1:1, there is a hard cap on both your income and impact in the world. I know you care deeply about changing as many lives as possible and you also want to charge what you’re worth. That's pretty much impossible without passive income.
The method we use in our Integration Pillar focuses on building and automating your practice to produce income and outcomes without depending solely on your time in the room. Whether it's having multiple providers, team members or a system providing the care you are not needed for, you have options to integrate new systems that provide quality information and care to your patients.
In this Pillar, you’ll learn, see and create:
  •  Skilled Labs, shadowing and hands-on training in Regenerative Orthopedics, Functional Medicine/Family Practice and Medical Fitness so you can see first-hand how each of our systems come together while avoiding the unnecessary temptation to reinvent the wheel. The greatest benefit is becoming confident in your skills and ability to produce successful patient outcomes so you feel great about what you charge for your services while getting paid for the value your provide.
  •  Integrated practices often run in silos. We have created communication platforms and systems that allow a consistent and integrated patient experience, so you retain patients and provide unmatched outcomes.
  •  Medical Chart Templates, treatment plans, patient infographics and communication tools so you can educate and enroll patients into all the integrated services that allow for maximum profitability and successful patient outcomes.
  •  Time-saving technology hacks that enable you to create systems that operate automatically so you can operate a lean, efficient and profitable clinic.
  •  Automated lead nurturing system that is effective for you and at a fraction of the cost of having a person to manage all your leads.
  •  Our Resources Partner Guide of all our vendors, contractors, and suppliers at discounted rates so you can immediately save time and money that can be better spent towards marketing, hiring key team members or improving your bottom line.
We've been right where you are and developed this program so you don’t have to spend years focused on figuring out how to create a successful practice or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars while struggling to achieve success. We’ve done it all so you don’t have to… we’re here to help you achieve success faster and easier than it took us to do it.
What is the Cost If You Don't Succeed?
First, if you don’t do something different, you will get what you have always gotten.
Beyond that, consider what your life and practice will look like a year from now.
Are you happier? Do you feel more fulfilled? Are your patients getting great results? Are your employees motivated to help patients get great results? Are you consistently attracting your ideal patients to working with you? Are you spending your time and energy the way you want? Are you practicing medicine the way you want? Is your practice as profitable as you want? Do you spend enough time with your family?
The contrast between the vision you now hold in your mind and what exists today is the cost of not doing something different. Because you can’t have it unless you take different action, upgrade your mindset, put new systems in place and take the calculated risk of creating change in your practice.
The good news is that there are proven steps you can take; the better news is that you don’t have to do it alone.
Now, we know people have been burned before on expensive programs and all the great promises. Being skeptical is understandable.
In fact, we’ve been there too – we’ve been left poorly by others more than a couple of times. That is why we want to ensure you get this important training and we want to take away the risk for you.

We believe you can’t afford to wait to figure out how to make a cash model successful. Too many great medical professionals are failing as independent practitioners.
If we were to sit down together 12 months from today, and we were to talk about what we’ve accomplished together in the past year, we would ask:
...What would be required to happen, both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?
...What goals would you have to reach?
...How has your practice changed?
...What would your life look like at that moment?
That vision you have in your mind right now, that’s what I want to offer you when we work together. We will take you from where you are now to where you want to go with your practice and lifestyle.
We help people just like you go from struggling and not knowing what your next move is to feeling capable and confident…to go from breakeven to highly profitable, from good to great. It’s happening for others… and now it’s your turn.

Your ROI and Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed.
If you are not happy, you may discontinue the program at any time.
Our screening process makes sure we are the right fit to work together because the Practice Success Mastermind is NOT for everyone. This is for ambitious action-takers only who are ready to apply the proven systems and implement the profit-boosting strategies that can take your practice to mammoth success. If you are not willing to follow the systems and do the work, we openly respond “this is not the program for you”.
Here's Why...
The Fastest Path to the Cash: If you are selected to participate in this program, the first priority is to help you create a strategic plan to bring in immediate revenue. We must get clear and then you must take imperfect action following our marketing formula. It’s about generating a cash infusion as quickly and responsibly as possible.
A Clear Offer and Marketing Funnel: You must be willing to invest in marketing if you plan to have cash practice success. As our private client, we’ll create your funnels together and then present to you exactly where your untapped opportunities are, how to position your business, and how to start maximizing your per-patient value while providing the best outcomes in your area.
Blueprint for Your Success: We are going to give you a blueprint for making more profit right upfront as well as the formula for lasting success. We want you to know that you’re going to accomplish your goals when we are working together. This program is not an expense; instead, it is a guaranteed investment in building the practice you want. What we do and teach is working right now in our practice and for 70 of our clients’ practices around the world.
Exacting Standards: Because we run our own practices, we do not have the time do the work for the clients we work with unless you hire our team to implement for you. We give you tools, done-for-you templates, forms and even teach you how to do it, but you and your team still must take imperfect action. You must get uncomfortable, learn, and let us help you build a team around your unique ability that allows you to have massive practice success.
Accessibility: Our Private Consulting and MasterMind members have open access to HealthOvator leaders… phone, email, text, webinars, accountability calls, MasterMind Meetings and even consulting days in our offices. So aside from family and other HealthOvator team members, our MasterMind members are the people we interact with the most.
Baseline Criteria for MasterMind Membership
Here are some criteria to help you determine if this is the right program for you.
  •  Solid Practice or Vision: You should have a solid practice plan in place. We have other solutions for physicians who are not ready to open their own practice or take the necessary time to implement the systems throughout this program. This Mastermind is specifically for those physicians who have skills and a practice in place but are looking to commit to the next level of practice success or add additional cash-pay services. This program is also perfect for those looking to start their practice from scratch, but we have a screening process to determine ideal practice vision viability before committing to working together.
  •  2-Hour / Week Commitment: You must be able to commit a minimum of two hours per week to building your healthcare practice. If you’re not committed to implementing the planned steps, then this program would obviously not be a good fit. It's ok if you don't have the time as long as you have a partner or a team member that is ready to implement the program and you support the progress. This program is designed for you and your team.
  •  You Must Be Very Good at What You Do: The approach we take when it comes to building a sustainable practice is to work from the inside out. To build a successful and sustainable practice, you need to have something truly valuable to offer. In other words, you need to be legitimately good at what you do.
  •  You MUST be Coachable: After all, if you aren’t willing to learn, take in new information and implement, nobody will succeed.
  •  Attend At Least 2 In-Person MasterMind Meetings: Additionally, yourself and/or a team member MUST finish the “5 Pillars of Practice Success” curriculum.
  •  Participate in The HealthOvators Community: You must be willing to actively participate in and collaborate with members of the HealthOvators Community.
That’s it! Those are the requirements for participating in the Practice Success MasterMind Program.
When You Feel that You're a Good Fit...
Our desire is to make this opportunity a no-brainer for you. In addition to the “5 Pillars Of Practice Success”, you have our team as your personal business mentors for an entire year… guiding you to extra income and helping you create additional profit streams that you didn’t even think about on your own. That’s what makes this HYBRID coaching program so different.
Following a proven curriculum loaded with done-for-you blueprints, worksheets, forms and marketing materials, you’ll be generating practice success while getting personalized coaching to maximize your unique gifts to the world.
In addition to having phone and email access to HealthOvator leaders, you’ll also get to come to three in-person mastermind meetings a year. During these events, we’ll meet as a group for two days to share what’s working best to get more leads and patients, maximizing profits, and teaching strategies to help you grow your practice faster and easier.
Our entire 12-month program has been strategically designed to give you all the resources, coaching and accountability to 10x your practice over the next 12 months.
This System is Custom Tailored for Your Practice
What You'll Experience as a Member of the Practice Success Mastermind
Joining the Practice Success MasterMind means joining our Family. We are committed to supporting you in being your best self, living your best life, and making the greatest contribution you can make in your lifetime. Its means structure, implementation, collaboration, community, and pouring your work into a proven system so you can have the Impact, Income and Freedom you deserve. Following is what’s included in the Practice Success MasterMind.
Here's What's Included:
MasterMind Intensive #1: 
The Selling Without Selling System & Marketing Blueprint
Designed specifically for medical professionals and wellness practice owners, this MasterMind focuses on how to sell without feeling sales-y and ways to generate a consistent source of potential patients for your practice.

In this powerful live event with the HealthOvators Team, you will:
  •  Become a master of every step of the “Selling Without Selling” Sales System to where you personally don’t discuss money with your patients.
  •  Gain unstoppable confidence in your communication so there is ease in enrolling high-paying patients to schedule with you on the spot.
  •  Learn how to handle the four main patient objections before they occur and get patients and prospects to sell themselves to YOU.
  •  Eliminate the mental and emotional blocks associated with charging high fees with cash medicine and only sign up the best, most qualified patients.
  •  Creating Compliance with your patients so they are fully aware of their responsibility in obtaining successful outcomes in your comprehensive treatment plan.
  •  Create your yearly marketing calendar and budget using the four most important marketing funnels so you never get sold by marketing firms on where to invest your time or money.
  •  Learn the most powerful way to structure your content to give your audience tremendous clarity and direction that leads to cash-paying patients.
  •  Model our custom-designed funnels and seminar template so you leave the event and implement your first funnel designed to 10x your investment in this mastermind within the first 90 days.
MasterMind Intensive #2: 
Create Your Irresistible Offer and Master Talk That Converts
The power of having an irresistible offer will help you dramatically increase your sales while, writing, speaking and presenting to any audience which will help you amplify your message, increase your prices, work less and make more.
In just two days with HealthOvators Team, you’ll learn, create and practice:
  •  Learn how to tell your own real story on stage, on video, over the phone, and anywhere else you have the opportunity and use it to create immediate, long-lasting trust with your prospective patients.
  •  How to communicate your message in a compelling way for patients to take immediate action on the solutions you offer instead of delaying their transformation.
  •  How to make an offer that helps patients to see the value and transformation you deliver through your services, so you don't have to navigate pricing objections.
  •  How to organize and deliver your message so it directly connects with your ideal patients by speaking toward their desires, dreams, fears and frustrations.
  •  How to handle objections and sell without selling through communicating successful patient case studies so there is enrollment without pricing objections.
  •  How to communicate your proprietary and unique, branded process that will instill confidence about your ability to deliver outcomes in your prospects’ minds.
  •  Implementation Sessions following our Blueprint of our 6-Figure Seminar that will attract your ideal patient and how to fill your schedule with cash-paying patients.
MasterMind Intensive #3: 
Practice Management Mastery
If you have a practice that requires you or a key person to run the practice to survive, you do not have a scalable or sellable business. This MasterMind is about comprehensive personnel and operational systems that provide consistent and repeatable results are the only way to scale and grow your practice, so you can have a foundation of lasting success.
In this MasterMind, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and blueprints to:
  •  Replicate our core process that allow you to provide a consistent, world-class patient experience in the most affordable and effective manner possible, so you can FOCUS your efforts and gain momentum instead of spreading yourself too thin.
  •  Model our scorecards and key performance metrics will allow you to determine how each aspect of your practice and team are performing so you never have to be concerned about who or what is working effectively. Operating objectively is critical to running a successful practice.
  •  Have sessions designed to practice our Personnel Playbook to help you hire the right people who will take you to your next levels while learning how to properly disconnect from the people who you may not even know that are preventing you from growing and having the success you deserve.
  •  Use systems to develop, incentivize, retain and grow a championship team so you can have more impact, growth and ability to scale for more profits without depending solely on your time in the room.

Your contributions and the work you do make the world a better place. You positively affect the lives of those you encounter every day. Every conversation, every patient encounter, every passing hello is an opportunity to create an experience for those who entrust us with their care.

Our intention is to make this Cash Practice Success MasterMind a no-brainer opportunity for you. You get what – literally – took me and my team years to figure out. It’s all systematized, documented and updated to include current best practices as they present. You have our team as your personal business mentors for an entire year guiding you to next-level business success in your practice. It’s everything I wished for when I was struggling to achieve the vision of a life-changing, successful, integrated medicine practice backed by a solid business model.

With your desire to build a successful practice beyond the healthcare current system, I encourage you to apply to be part of the HealthOvators Practice Success MasterMind. It is the path to changing lives – for you and your patients.
Joel Baumgartner, M.D.
Regenerative Skills Training Labs
Learn the skills to incorporate medicine that restores health. Join us in the mission to redefine healthcare by adding treatments that reverse chronic disease and body degeneration.
At the end of each business intensive mastermind, an additional day of skilled lab training will be conducted by Dr. Baumgartner, Dr. Vilen and the HealthOvators team. The objective will be to progress medical professionals in regenerative or lifestyle treatments by meeting each member where they are at with current skills and adding one new layer at a time.
This is ideal for health professionals looking to incorporate or enhance their regenerative orthopedics, functional medicine, and medical obesity management skills.
Each session will include:
  •  Lecture, live patient demonstration, hands-on training, cadaver lab, and question and answer review.
  •  Upper extremity, Functional Basics, Obesity Protocols.
  •  Lower extremity, Hormones, Obesity Management.
  •  Spine day, Integrated Patient Demonstrations.
Customized Practice Blueprint & Resource Library
We know your practice is unique. We work with you to create your custom roadmap and action plan to ensure practice success. Through our coaching, we will create a strategic plan, so you never sit in indecision or thinking on what you need to do to create success. 
Our assessment will bring together all the necessary steps in the right order to build a practice foundation of lasting success.
Once the plan is in place, our goal with this program is to save you 10,000+ hours by using all our forms, marketing materials, worksheets, tools and resources that have helped us lucratively grow our practice.
Our resource library and SharePoint file system alone are worth 10x your program investment.
2-Day Full Shadow Experience at Rejuv Medical
Sometimes seeing is believing. Often, it’s easy to think we know our best next move. However, when you can see one of the largest successful integrated clinics in action, you will see clearly everything discussed on this page is REAL. Our clinic has been our testing ground for all our successes - and failures.
  •  Shadow next to Dr. Baumgartner, Dr. Vilen and our whole team to see multiple patient encounters per day so you witness the easy communication flow in which we transition patients to enroll into various cash treatments that maximize patient outcomes.
  •  Watch us operate our business systems via your personal access so you can see how we provide consistent and predictable patient experiences.
  •  A look into our back office and be part of our meetings to see all the business operations that keep a practice of 80+ team members in great communications and clear execution so you build confidence in leading your team to success.  
  •  VIP Dinners with Dr. Baumgartner, JR and the Executives at Rejuv Medical, so you can ask your personal and most pressing questions while getting the support you need.
  •  We will show you how to get past the barriers you face, so you can have the breakthroughs that will give you the quantum leap your practice is ready to experience.
  •  Leave with all your questions answered so you can return home and implement the strategies that will allow you to do what you do best with clarity and confidence.
The Right Questions, The Right Combination and the Right Results
Azlan Tariq, D.O.
Chicago, IL
"Seeing their facilities first-hand - productivity and all - will help you make an educated decision about this program."
When I first met JR, I was impressed with the amount of fitness, nutrition, business and marketing knowledge he can store in his head. He and his team immediately jumped into helping our practice.
They asked the right questions to help us outline a blueprint to align with what worked for them and what would fit our brand.
The approach is a healthy balance of professionalism, blunt honesty, and compassion. That wasn’t too surprising because we all share the same goal for a healthier community! The information that Dr. Baumgartner, JR, Garrett, Tim and the rest of the team provided for our team was abundant, strategic, and time-saving.
The model is excellent and effective. Their team will work with you to tailor fit the model to your practice. There is no cookie-cutter formula here. Everything is personalized but also based on proven strategies.
Three of the biggest benefits of working with them are the time-savings, the marketing components, and the real-life visual elements that you can implement into your practice very quickly. The volume of documents (forms, protocols, information sheets, schedules, etc.) that is included is actually comical. But, that said, all the forms are extremely helpful. The time you will save NOT re-creating these documents is priceless.
Listening to JR talk about the different marketing strategies is crucial for any healthcare professional with little business or marketing training. Learning about the possible strategies is truly great. The model will give you the best (and worst) marketing ideas to start with, how to gauge your marketing budget, and clarity in understanding the foundational concepts of a good marketing program.
Lastly, it is very helpful to visit with the entire team in person (although the phone conversations are very helpful, too), and see the original living and breathing model. Seeing their facilities first-hand - productivity and all - will help you make an educated decision about investing in this program. The program is a premier service with the best health and business coaching available in the medical industry. The services and coaching will be a boon for your staff! The investment will save your practice time and money.
3-Day Cash Practice Success Summit - VIP Access
Front row VIP access to our annual main event for you and a partner or office team member. Learn the business and medical skills necessary to build your medical vision. This 3-day event will give you an up-close look on how we have designed and integrated our practice for maximum success.
Lectures will provide the overview of our Regenerative, Functional, and Lifestyle Medical Services and how we market and integrate each of the services together to provide world-leading patient outcomes. 

You will also be learning from key thought and practice leaders in innovative and cutting-edge integrated healthcare.
  • Learn how to implement systems and core processes that are not dependent on key people to run your practice.
  •  Know your numbers so you don't have to stress about the important metrics that drive revenue, profitability and efficiency.
  •  Learn how to ethically pay less taxes so you can make the most of the hard-earned income you have generated.
  •  How to build your authority, influence and get your message to the world.
  •  How to hire, develop, measure and retain staff so you can scale and grow your practice to multiple 7 figures and beyond.
  •  How to scale your practice without your time in the room so you are freed up to do what you do best.
  •  Learn the marketing attraction formula that requires the least time commitment possible while still having omnipresence in your market.
  •  Learn new evidence-based medical services that are giving people hope and changing lives daily.
  •  Live Regenerative, Functional and Lifestyle medical presentations and live patient demonstrations.
5 Pillars of Practice Success Curriculum
Our proven process designed to help you and your team learn and implement proven practice strategies that will allow you the income, impact and freedom you deserve.
  •  A recorded video series designed to allow you and your team to consume at your pace, so you can most effectively execute the plan without sacrificing valuable patient hours. We will guide you on where to begin so you can fill the gaps of your most pressing practice needs.
  •  Hours of wisdom nuggets for you to reference so you have confidence in confronting and managing any issues or questions that arise about operating, managing or marketing your practice.
  •  A compressed training solution that will help each department learn opportunities to perform at higher level, so they have advancement and/or merit opportunities for increasing your bottom line.

Live Monthly Pillar Accountability Calls
Having the HealthOvators team ready to help discuss and solve your most pressing practice questions will be a call away. However, accountability for implementing the strategies that have been laid out is also crucial for your successful momentum.
  •  Members will can participate in hot seats to discuss their practice scorecards, giving the opportunity to practice the necessary scripts and conversion secrets to grow your cash services.
  •  We will ask you to email all questions even if you can't attend the live calls so your questions can be answered and made available shortly after the calls for your review.
  •  After the teachings are complete, members will be asked to practice scripts and systems with one another to increase performance and success.
One-on-One Phone Coaching from Leaders and Executives at Rejuv Medical
You will receive the benefits of personalized coaching, mentoring and accountability from the best coaches in the world to learn the best next moves, strategic planning, critical thinking skills, marketing and business strategies money can buy.
You will also be supported in these calls through the recruitment, pre-screening, interviewing, personnel audits and manager training processes that have allowed us to focus on providing exceptional patient outcomes. When employees are the right fit/right seat, have accountabilities, and managers are holding compliance and being the rockstar performers you need them to be, the personnel systems will ease turnover saving significant expenses.  
You’ll get private 1:1 30-minute coaching calls each quarter with JR Burgess to keep you on track for success, support you in strategizing the growth of your practice, help answer your most pressing questions and provide you with direction so that you can dominate your path to massive success.
The point of this coaching is not there to tell you what you want to hear; rather, it’s to provide you a game plan to take your practice to the next level.
In addition, you’ll get email access to HealthOvator leaders and executives so they can review your marketing materials, email broadcasts, promotions, video and sales copy to maximize your lead generation, sales conversions, and referral generation systems so you have no struggles practicing the medicine you desire.
You can also talk with our CIO about marketing and technical questions, our CTO for straight-up tech questions and any of our other leaders. You can see them here.

Private Facebook Group and Member Directory
You’ll also get access to our Practice Success Mastermind Facebook Group and Directory that is strictly dedicated to our elite coaching clients. This is the place to share your biggest business wins, conversions and success strategies with each other.
It’s also a safe place to share your biggest frustrations, setbacks and failures so you can get affirmation, support and guiding hands that will help you get back celebrating success in no time. Each year several strategic joint ventures, strategic partnerships and lasting relationships are made within the community.
Powerful Network of Highly Influential People in Your Field
Sometimes you’re one connection or relationship away from your big breakthrough. We wouldn't be where we are today without the relationships we have formed along the way. We have had the biggest, most innovative and connected people in the world in the same room. From the current masterminds we participate in, our summit, and Practice Success MasterMind, we are able to connect winning ideas, products and services to people who are large influencers and have the ability to help you take your service to the world.
If you follow us to any of the industry events we attend, we will be able to provide introductions at VIP mixers with our highly influential friends and, if you want to meet someone in our inner circle who would be helpful to you, we’ll make a plan for you to add value to them and we will make the introduction for you. Nothing opens doors easier for you than a personal introduction. It would be an honor to help you spread your message to the world through one of our introductions.
We will introduce you to, or even ask you to invest in, other influencers’ products or services if we believe it will help you help more patients or build your bottom line faster and easier.
Personal Endorsement
JR believes Fitness, Regenerative and Functional Medicine saved his life. Rejuv Medical and its staff has helped keep JR active and cured his autoimmune disorders. After full recovery from severe injuries and disease, JR has made it his personal mission to help redefine healthcare by helping visionary and successful practitioners like you get their message and services to the people desperate to restore their health.
As a result of his personal commitment to you, the industry, and all the people you will help in the future, JR will personally endorse you in a testimonial video so long as you are proven at delivering successful outcomes in your area of expertise. 

This is profound social proof for your audience and can provide connections and access to practitioners looking for employment in cash medical services as well as visionaries, entrepreneurs, online health influencers, marketers, event hosts and others which gives you instant credibility in the marketplace. He will communicate all the consumer messaging points that break down the natural fears and objections prospective patients have when enrolling in cash pay services.
Think about it…
What would an additional $100,000 a year in income mean to you?
“If you watched the case study videos and or followed our success at Rejuv Medical, then you know how valuable this MasterMind Program and Healthcare Model is to the future. I found the cost of not finding the fastest path to success was too much to bear. Our team is forever grateful for Dr. Baumgartner investing in our future by signing us up for our first MasterMind that unlocked the secrets to instant marketing success as well as the mindset we need to develop to make our vision a reality.” - JR Burgess, CEO
Meet Dr. Tyna Moore
"JR rejuvenated my love of medicine... He showed me where my heart was again. The message they're bringing is so enlightening. What they're doing is ground-breaking!"
But it’s not all about the money… it’s about being able to help more people while giving you and your family a better quality of life. It’s about helping you achieve better balance, more security, and freedom to enjoy the life that you want to live.
Our goal, together, will be to double the annual profits your practice makes. It’s just that simple.
Whether you are currently a one provider group, you offer multiple services, or are just getting into cash-pay services, the Practice Success MasterMind can help you systematize your operational processes, automate your marketing, increase profits, accelerate patient outcomes, increase retention and help you build a practice that serves your lifestyle.
Imagine having your own Practice Success coach and mentor at your fingertips for twelve entire months. Imagine the speed of success you’ll achieve when you have the answers to your most pressing business questions and marketing needs as they come up. That’s what separates the super successful and highly profitable from the struggling and frustrated medical professionals and wellness practice owners.

Take The Practice Assessment Pillar Quiz. Complete the application and, if you qualify, we’ll get on a breakthrough call to explore our mutual fit. Our goal will be to determine whether we believe we can create an impactful and financially successful practice together.
When you are prepared to take your practice to the next level, click the button below to take the assessment that will prepare us for the call and apply for a breakthrough call.

This is an Elite, High-Touch MasterMind that Supports You as You Quickly Grow Your Practice by Six+ Figures in the Next 12 Months
Here's A Recap of What's Included When You Join the Practice Success Mastermind
This 12-month program is designed to achieve significant results that includes passive income streams, increased revenues and facilitate building a business profit model that is not solely dependent on YOU. 

Following is an overview of all that’s included in this program. 
  • Three In-Person MasterMind Weekends: To help you and a team member “get it done” and make the best next moves that accelerate your results with a personalized strategic 90-day action plan.
  •  Three In-Person, Hands-On Regenerative Skills Training Labs: To give you the skills to deliver restore and regenerate health in your patients’ lives.
  •  2-Day Shadow On-Site Rejuv Clinical Experience: To observe how a high-volume, highly successful integrated practice operates so you can think strategically on how to design, operate, staff, grow and scale your own practice.
  •  Comprehensive Clinical Systems, Blueprints and Document Library: To start, optimize and fully run an integrated cash practice so you don't have to create anything from scratch.
  •  5 Pillars of Practice Success Curriculum: Master foundational leadership, marketing, sales, and business-building skills at your pace and from the convenience of your own computer.
  •  LIVE 5 Pillars of Practice Success Monthly Calls: Stay on the fast track to success by getting answers to your most pressing questions.
  •  VIP Access to the Cash Practice Success Summit: This annual event, designed for your entire team, delivers the latest leading-edge business and skill advancement opportunities in Regenerative, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine. Learn from cash practice industry experts on strategies, systems and latest research that will keep you ahead of your competition. Hear from speakers about “what’s working now” so you can implement immediately.
  •  4 Private 1:1 Strategy and Execution Calls with JR Burgess: Strategic and game-changing decisions need robust consideration and perspective. Critical thinking, strategic planning and unbiased advice allow you 360-degree insight so you can make the best decisions for your practice’s sustainability, team morale and patient satisfaction.
  •  Live 1:1 Calls with Our Executive Team: Use calls with HealthOvators leaders and executives to save time in implementation, avoid painful set-up mistakes or costly outsourcing by allowing our team to help automate your practice.
  •  Private VIP Facebook Group and Member Directory: Pose questions and challenges amongst our tribe of like-minded peer HealthOvators to get connected, brainstorm, problem-solve and collaborate. If you have digital products or services, many members are interested in joint ventures or affiliate opportunities as well. 
  •  Powerful Network of Highly Influential People in Your Field: You get peace of mind from knowing you are one connection away from one of the most innovative healthcare-oriented wellness, marketing and business-building communities in the world. Our team has been involved in several mastermind groups over time and has relationships with hundreds of industry leaders. Our team will make personal introductions for win-win collaborative opportunities.
  •  Personal Endorsement or Video Testimonial to Use in Your Marketing: Having a video endorsement by an industry professional can address the greatest fears or objections your prospective patients may have before calling your office. JR will record a video to help your life-changing practice message get found, heard and seen by as many people as possible in your area. 
What It Means to Be in the Practice Success MasterMind
Joining the MasterMind means joining our Family. We are committed to you being your best self, living your best life, and making the greatest contribution you can make in your lifetime.
To join means to step in in faith and not let fear rule your life.
To join means you acknowledge your true value and give yourself the support and the life you deserve for your family and for your patients.
To join means saying YES to your best life and practice.
To join means becoming a leader in Integrated Medicine and Regenerative Health.
Are you ready?
To Join the Practice Success MasterMind
We’ve come up with a way to give you MORE while charging you 100x less what it would take for you to obtain this knowledge and create on your own. Consider all you get from this 12-month mentorship, coaching and done-for-you solutions within this program - it’s like getting your doctorate in building and growing a highly successful medical practice in just 12 months.

The Practice Success MasterMind is designed to achieve significant results that include building business systems, establishing marketing and sales systems, cultivating passive income streams, increasing revenues (by six figures plus), facilitating a business model that is not solely dependent on YOU and so much more - all while saving you thousands of hours of painful creation and mistakes (because we endured them for you). 

We’ve developed the model, the systems, the policies and procedures, the strategies and action plans that WORK – and we prove it every day. And now we teach it with a surefire plan to get more cash-paying patients, work less, become the authority in your niche, be an industry leader, and successfully grow and scale your practice by the end of just one year.

It's 100% Risk-Free to Take the Next Step

There are a few different payment options to join the Practice Success MasterMind; we work with you to make it as comfortable as possible to invest in the future of your practice. 

That said, we do have an application and interview process for every potential applicant. This is to ensure that the Practice Success MasterMind is the right program for you at this time. (We do offer other resources as needed.)

Once we receive your assessment, JR Burgess will be in touch to schedule your personal interview, explain more about the program and answer any questions you might have about the Cash Practice Success MasterMind. 
Hear How Our System Has Helped Other Medical Professionals, Just Like You.
Denise Watson
"Very Moving to Use Personal Experience as Part of the Learning and Healing Journey."
Dr. Steven Sorr
"A Better Way to Practice in A Competitive World!"
Dr. Sharon Prahl, DC
"Exactly What I Was Looking for to Support Practice Skills and Market Positioning."
Tesla LaTouche
"Transformative Healthcare Solution For Every Market!"
Garrett Gunderson
"See an Integrated Clinic That’s Changing the Game!"
Latisha Taylor
"Helping Change the Healthcare System for the Best!"
If you have questions and would like to speak to someone immediately regarding the Practice Success Mastermind, please feel to reach out via phone: (320) 217-8480 or email us at:
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